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Abbotsford House

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Abbotsford House

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Neil Cameron, RCAHMS staff

Built by the world-famous Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), Abbotsford stands on the south bank of the River Tweed about two miles west of Melrose. Sir Walter created the estate from the land of three farms and named it Abbotsford after the ford across the Tweed used by the monks of Melrose Abbey. The rambling mansion, begun in 1817, is highly eclectic in style - loosely described as Baronial - and contains references to a variety of architectural periods. It is an architectural confection which was filled to overflowing with Sir Walter's collection of historic artefacts and works of art. Designed by the architects Edward Blore and William Atkinson but with major involvement from Sir Walter himself, it stands as an eloquent monument to a romanticised, fictional past.

30th March, 8:55 pm

Jacqueline Ashton de Floris (Connal), France

i am wondering if another visitor to this site who left a comment on abbotsford -- audrey inglis of edinburgh -- is not related to me by more than architectural and literary taste, namely that she might be a third cousin on my father's side with whom i corresponded while we were both very young women in the 1970's.

should you happen to see this and wish to reply, you may visit and leave a comment with your contact information. if it is indeed you, it would be a great pleasure to hear from you.

18th October, 1:41 pm

Audrey Inglis, Edinburgh

I have a soft spot for Abbotsford as I was heavily involved for 9 years in the new Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels most of which have now been published but still a few to come.

Abbotsford is a beautiful, peaceful house and you can still feel Walter Scott's presence. It's fabulous to see the little pair of glasses which he used to wear.....a special place to me.

28th September, 10:18 am

christina miles, glasgow

From this image - i can almost here the clatter of boots and hunting paraphenalia returning to a roaring fire after a good days catch out on a cold autumn glen...smell that wood fire burning and taste the venison to come!

19th September, 2:08 pm

zornhau, Edinburgh

Every writer ought to aspire to building a place like this!



Region: Borders

This photograph of the entrance hall was taken by Alexander Inglis c.1880
Scottish Colorfoto Collection

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