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Bonawe Iron Works, Argyll and Bute

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Bonawe Iron Works, Argyll and Bute

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Alan Leith, RCAHMS staff

I was part of the Commission survey team who recorded the Iron smelting works at Bonawe in Argyll back in the early 1970s.This image evokes many memories of my early days with the Commission. I helped produce this and other drawings under the guidance of Geoffrey D Hay.Geoffrey was an architect by profession and was responsible for setting and maintaining the high standards for measured drawing and illustration that we in the Commission strive to maintain to this day. This particular illustration is taken from "Monuments of Industry" published in 1986. It shows a section of the existing furnace building with a reconstruction drawing illustrating the working principles of the water powered bellows system.

The majority of illustrations in this volume are by Geoffrey and show his incredible ability to analyse and understand complex machinery and structures. He had an amazing talent to be able to convey this to the layman through fantastically detailed drawings and easy to understand re-constructions.It was a great privilege to work with, and learn from, the inspirational Geoffrey D Hay.



Region: Strathclyde

This inked drawing of the iron furnace at Bonawe Iron Works was prepared by RCAHMS c.1983

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