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Castleson's, The Moorings, Largs, North Ayrshire

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Castleson's, The Moorings, Largs, North Ayrshire

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Neil Gregory, RCAHMS staff

Largs is a great day out, a place where you can enjoy a bracing walk on the prom, put your pitch and putt skills to practice, and brazenly pig out and pile on the calories. At least that's what I tell myself! My main reason for choosing this image of Castelson's self-service cafe is that I really like its graphic quality - the outlines, bold typography and how the diners queuing up for their fish suppers have been depicted. The image is taken from the Houston and Dunlop Collection that I catalogued in 2003. Based in Kilbirnie, the practice in its various guises designed many buildings for Ayrshire and Renfrewshire's textile and tourist industries. Collections like this one, where the architects designed buildings solely for their locality, give a real insight into how an area or region developed. Some of the treats included an unexecuted design for a fizzy water factory with a bottle-shaped fountain on the roof, villas with stylish convertible cars on the forecourt, seaside 1950s hotels and pubs decorated with nautical references to Clyde steamers. That's not forgetting original plans for three of James Houston's most well-remembered 'themed' buildings - the Radio Cinema in Kilbirnie with its Art Deco wireless imagery throughout; the Viking Cinema in Largs, which takes its cue from a Nordic longboat; and the Moorings restaurant, that echoes the glamour of a 30s cruise liner.

29th October, 9:38 am

harry collins, glasgow

Though this poster shows a self-service fish restaurant, I remember it in the 1950`s -early1960`s as a high class restaurant with an expensive menu on the ground floor,and on the top floor was a very popular dance hall, packed every Saturday night, with a slightly exclusive clientele, as there was a very limited bus service to Largs so most of the dancers had cars.

10th October, 10:36 am

Treasured Places Editor

Thank you very much for getting in touch! In the RCAHMS database 'Canmore' we have the 'Castelsons' spelling, however we have also included 'Castlesons' as an alternative name due to this spelling appearing on the drawing.

29th September, 1:31 pm

Stefano Castelvecchi, Largs

I was pleased to see the image of The Moorings in The Herald, unfortunately though the spelling is wrong! It is not Castletons but Castelsons (Sons of Castelvecchi). I should know - it was my grandfather who built it. yours sincerely, Stefano Castelvecchi



Region: Strathclyde

This design for the interior of Castleson's was produced c.1960-76
Houston and Dunlop Collection

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