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Top 10 : Cumbernauld Town Centre, North Lanarkshire

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Cumbernauld Town Centre, North Lanarkshire

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Comments (17)

23rd June, 8:16 pm

brian, cumbernauld

cumbernauld is where i have grew up my whole life and i want you all to stop saying bad things about it. it provides u with everything u need and it is a great town.

4th February, 12:48 pm

Richard Smit, Renfrew

I was in Cumbernauld "town centre" at the weekend. I thought I was on the set of 'Life on Mars'. I was waiting for someone to mention the 3 day week...

15th January, 7:21 pm

Helen Macindoe, Cumbernauld

Is this a joke - have you seen it!! I love living in Cumbernauld - great people - lovely home - however I go to Falkirk, Stirling or Glasgow to shop - Cumbernauld is the best commuting town in the whole of Scotland - unfortunately it does not have a town CENTRE - meeting point it is to be divided by a motorway instead!

20th December, 6:46 am

Anne, Sudan

That I've spent time out of Cumbernauld living in Sierra Leone, Kenya and now Sudan may not sound like I like the place much. But I do.

Since 1985 Cumbernauld has been 'home'.

The Town Centre isn't the loveliest architecture I've seen I grant you. But it's clothed me, fed me, sheltered me and provided me with lots of entertainment for most of my adult life.

We Scots are too good at talking ourselves down instead of up.

Cumbernauld was intended as a grand design and incorporated features that were then cutting edge and are now taken for granted. It was and still is an experiment and most of those are a bit rough round the edges.

I've lived and visited many places where the people would be thrilled to have a facility like the Town Centre.

I hope C/nauld Town Centre wins this award because celebrating effort and vision (even when it didn't quite work out as intended) achieves more than criticism.

13th December, 9:58 am

Rod, Edinburgh, Scotland

The artists sketch looks great.

The actual building looks like more like some kind of machine gun nest. It's brutal.

3rd December, 2:00 pm

Ian McIntosh, Glasgow

The worst building i have ever had the misfortune to walk around in needs demolished A.S.A.P.

19th November, 11:18 am

Treasured Places Editor

Only 3 weeks left to go until voting closes and the winner is announced. Please keep your votes and comments coming!

31st October, 8:32 pm

Linda, Cumbernauld

It serves as a reminder the the "experts" are not always right. When I moved here 20 years ago, I spent hours wandering round the town centre, sure I was missing something - but I wasn't. Sums the place up really

28th October, 11:55 am

Hogberto, Edinburgh

This edifice is an outstanding testament to the barren ugliness of much post-war architecture in the U.K.. Buildings which depress and alienate and sour with age.

Compare this concrete nightmare with virtually any 'traditional' high street and you will see that in their anxiety to be 'modern' the architects simply failed to put any real humanity into the design.

This design is a stark monument to the paucity of the 20th century Western mind. It is loveless.

28th October, 10:43 am

Derek, Cumbernauld

Its nice to see the Town Centre getting some recognition for a change. I've grown up, worked and played in and around this building and I would be aghast if the philistines got their way and it were to be demolished.

It is, I believe, the largest extant example of brutalist architecture in the world and for that reason alone it should be treasured.

Strip away all the ill-thought out and badly executed add-ons and allow the original, core structure to be revealed.



Region: Strathclyde

This drawing of Geoffrey Copcutt's design was prepared by Michael Evans c.1963.

Votes: 480


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