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Ayr Icerink, South Ayrshire

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Ayr Icerink, South Ayrshire

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Jennie Marshall, RCAHMS staff

The 1930s saw buildings such as cinemas and ice rinks springing up all over Scotland responding to technological advancement and a changing society. One such building was the now demolished Ayr Ice Rink. Built by J and JA Carrick in 1938 this is a good example of the particular issues surrounding these types of buildings: the need for a large, functional warehouse building, with an exciting entrance that would attract people inside. As Charles McKean says in his book The Scottish Thirties, both cinemas and ice rinks in particular needed to draw the crowds in at night and the ice rink at Ayr, like many others, was designed with this in mind. The drawing I have chosen demonstrates this 'Night Architecture' very well, the drawing show the design for the lighting scheme, and the use of a black background with the building in darkness and striking coloured lights is very appealing. The bright neon lights grab your attention and add a sense of glamour while the warm lighting in the windows hints at the activity within. The rear of this building may have been a functional shed but the front draws you to the fun you are missing inside, makes you want to join in! I can imagine someone walking past looking with longing, especially on a cold rainy Scottish evening! When I first saw this image I was immediately drawn to it. I have never been to Ayr Ice Rink, having only ever stopped in Ayr for lunch and a stroll along the beach, but the ice rink at home was a common hangout for me when I was younger, and I look back on those days fondly (even though I can now barely even stand up on ice skates). This image brings back all those memories and makes me think about heading down to Murrayfield and picking up a pair of skates once more.

13th October, 9:25 pm

Val Dean, Edinburgh

Where I learned to skate, probably in the late 1940s! I don't remember seeing it looking as glamorous as shown here, but I do remember that when you entered you went up a broad flight of stairs to the rink which was at first floor level. There was also a tearoom at the front of the building.



Region: Strathclyde

This drawing of the proposed lighting scheme at Ayr Icerink was produced in 1938
J and J A Carrick Collection

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