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Top 10 : Falkirk Wheel seen along the Union Canal

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Falkirk Wheel seen along the Union Canal

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Comments (29)

10th December, 10:46 am

miriam mc donald, Near Stirling

Unique structure. Shows that canals still relevant in modern-day Scotland. An engineering structure that will become renowned in the future just as the Kelvin Aqueduct (18th century) or Neptune's Staircase (19th century) are acknowledged as important canal structures today.

4th December, 2:59 pm

Jim Bell, Chicago USA

A Falkirk Bairn voting here.

Mother-in-law's house just accross the canal from the Wheel

29th November, 12:26 pm

Ellie, Falkirk

Very proud indeed to have this iconic attraction literally on my doorstep. From the many walks around the surrounding countryside to the 'Irn bru' playpark, this attraction has everything!! views from the top over to stirling and grangemouth are superb!

21st November, 11:47 am

Sonia Bower, Bedford


21st November, 10:51 am

Mr Mrs Laing, Hertfordshire

One word


19th November, 11:18 am

Treasured Places Editor

Only 3 weeks left to go until voting closes and the winner is announced. Please keep your votes and comments coming!

16th November, 10:00 am

richard ibbo, india

What a truly fascinating structure, well worth the 200+ mile journey!

9th November, 3:56 pm

Scott Grant, London

A bold statement that Scotland can do "brilliant" given the chance.

6th November, 6:55 pm

F. & N. McFarlane, Falkirk

We "Falkirk Bairns" are fortunate to have the "Wheel" on our doorstep, we visit often for a walk and a coffee. The staff as well are all most helpful and friendly making each visit a pleasure.

2nd November, 1:36 pm

marian moncrieff, falkirk

A unique experience for young and old.



Region: Central

This photograph was taken by RCAHMS in 2001 during the construction of the wheel and canal.

Votes: 1051


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