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Glasgow School of Art

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Norma Aldred, RCAHMS staff

I was very lucky to have the chance to study at Glasgow School of Art. When I arrived I did not know what great architecture was, but by the end of my four years I knew! Its influence on me was literally life changing. I had gone there to study sculpture but came away wanting to construct much larger objects- buildings. It took me another ten years but I eventually qualified as an architect and my memories of this marvellous building will always remain clear. I remember running up the stone steps under the specially designed clock over the entrance into the reception hall. It was a dark space with glittering mosaic portraits of past artists greeting me as I climbed the stairs wrapped around the porter's office into the large flood-lit space of the museum where we hung our temporary exhibitions beneath its elegantly crafted wooden roof structure. I remember the smaller details of the building from the delicately coloured stained glass panels in the doors to the elegant and practical easels in the studios. I remember the specially designed window seats where I used to sit with my friends and discuss our days and nights. I have to stop there as my memories are endless! I don't know any other building with so much to offer.

8th October, 2:45 pm

Rebecca Saville, Kendal, Cumbria.

i've just applied to the wonderful gsa and have wanted to go. when i visited it about a couple of months ago, it left a prominent mark on me and i fell in love with the creative atmosphere and sheer buzz around the place. i just hope that my application is successful.

9th December, 2:01 pm

Eefah, Glasgow, Scotland

There are too many people out there who believe the Mack would benefit from a complete renovation and turning the entire school into a museum. As a student there myself I can testify to the fact that this building is as remarkable as it is because of the students who study in it. Although every student is aware of the respect the building commands, not one of us treats it like a tourist attraction or a precious museum where nothing it to be touched. There are paint splattered fingerprints on every door, shoe marks on every door and battered corners. This is what keeps this building alive.

So long as there are students left to destroy it, this building will stand.

7th December, 10:05 am

Leah, Glagsow

As a tour guide and student at the Glasgow school of art I have had an opportunity to learn about and truly experience the history of the school. I have to say that I have really learnt to appreciate the magic of this building, built by one artist for many others. It will always be with me.

7th December, 12:29 am

Iain, The Glasgow School of Art: Barnes Building!!

'The Mack'... a stunning piece of architecture that will never date. It really is the only art school building in the world worthy of the subject taught within... an inspirational building for us students!

5th December, 10:53 am

fiona MacRae, Argyll Scotland

The beauty of the MacIntosh building ,is undoubtedly that it is still being used for the same purpose it was built for, at the turn of the last century. As a student there I had the privalage of kicking doors open and splattering paint. The Mac's a masterpiece in working progress, long may it last.

4th December, 8:43 pm

Odette Brown, Glasgow Scotland

The best in the world

4th December, 5:53 pm

Douglas Blaney, Glasgow

I worked in the Mackintosh building, I was Finance Officer from 1991 till 1999. The building was incredible but needed to be cared for and I am so pleased that the fundraising has enabled people like myself and Frank Kean and other past employees the opportunity to support this worthy cause. Nice to see your name there Maggie.

4th December, 2:29 pm

Maurice Rodger, Glasgow

As a novice first-year part-time architecture student I thought this was the most depressing building that I had ever set foot in - over the next seven years my eyes were opened until today when I cannot walk past the place without popping in to discover another unexplored corner, feature or facet of the masterpiece. Long may this masterpiece remain in active use.

4th December, 2:21 pm

Ben Walker (1997), France

A unique place that attracts and cultivates some of the most delightful thinkers and doers of our time. I'de even vote for the Vic if I could...

4th December, 1:59 pm

Andrew Chin Yee Fah, Malaysia

glasgow school of art...inspirational place...genius loci....



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