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Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire

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Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire

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Neil Cameron, RCAHMS staff

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert first visited the Highlands in 1842 and after this and farther visits which stimulated their appreciation of the beauty of the landscape, they negotiated to buy Balmoral estate. Negotiations took several years, but Balmoral became the property of Prince Albert on 22 June 1852. Initially they stayed in the previous castle, but a new building was completed for them in 1855, designed by the Aberdeen-based architect, William Smith. Under the direction of Prince Albert, Smith designed a substantial mansion in a composite style, built of granite and laid out on a quadrangular plan. With its Great Tower providing a distinctive landmark, Balmoral Castle is a compelling blend of order and asymmetry. Set beside the River Dee in the midst of the majestic Grampian mountains, it continues to reflect the Royal Family's close association with the Scottish Highlands.



Region: Grampian

This photograph was taken in 1860

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