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Top 10 : Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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20th November, 1:17 pm

Mel, wales

i had a lovely time visiting kelvingrove, i went with my boyfriend who had many fond memories of going to kelvingrove as a child, it was lovely to be part of expiriencing my boyfriends childhood memories, it is such a lovely place inside and out.

6th December, 3:29 pm

Jennifer Mactavish, Glasgow

Kelvingrove is magnificent inside and out and it's fantastic to have such a great facility on my doorstep that showcases some of the world's finest artwork for everyone to enjoy and for free!

5th December, 1:41 pm

Margaret Dunn, Scotland

Gives hours of pleasure in a wonderful environment

5th December, 9:42 am

G Miller, Glasgow

I have many a fond memory of being taken to the Art Gallery as a child and taking my own children in later years. It is a magnificent building and a huge part of Glasgows history. If Kelvingrove wins then I know it will bring even more visitors, more investment and ensure the finance to keep our beautiful building open and maintained for more generations to enjoy.

4th December, 4:40 pm

Gerard Hamill, Salford

I grew up visiting this magical place regularly, like every other Glaswegian

4th December, 1:38 pm

Lia Lutfi, Glasgow/UK

I felt alien when arrived at this country 7 years ago, until one fine summer fine morning I decided to took my children to this place and had a picnic in the front garden. Kids roaming in and out, they had a terrific time. The picnic continued until late afternoon with sunbathing in Botanic Garden. Never forget that moment.

19th November, 11:15 am

Treasured Places Editor

Only 3 weeks left to go until voting closes and the winner is announced. Please keep your votes and comments coming!

11th November, 6:23 pm

fraser mcallister, Edinburgh

This has place has been like a friend to me. A place of wonder, astonishment, pleasure and pride.

I remember being taken with my sister on Sunday afternoons and thinking Dali’s “ Christ on the Cross” was a photo. Thinking that the sadly missed display of birds and animals in winter and summer coats was magic. Thinking how beautiful a woman’s bottom was, even when carved in cold white marble. Always thinking about how big everything was including the building – but being Glasgow never afraid because people here were friendly and helpful.

Later bringing up my on children on it and meeting friends there and showing off to all the bee’s hive, the tyrannosaurus, the room dedicated to Nelson Mandela and all the things that made/make this place unique. Feeling the whole time a huge sense of civic pride. This is Glasgow’s treasure house. Sometimes it is a mirror but more often it is spot-lit frame on this fascinating natural and man made world.

9th November, 4:10 pm

Eilidh Hunter, East Kilbride

Like a lot of people I spent a great many wet days in Kelvingrove as a child. Particular favourites then were the dinosaurs and the baboons. As a family we all used to head straight for the big hall to hear the organ on Sundays. Teddy Bear's Picnic went down well! These days I really enjoy the Mackintosh exhibition and the Scottish Colourists. I do like the other exhibits but paintings are the real draw. I've always enjoyed being in the space though I'm still not convinced by the rennovations, it doesn't feel quite the same anymore, not that familiar childhood haunt! Although things have changed I would always say that Kelvingrove is a real jewel in Glasgow's crown and should be treasured as such!

29th October, 9:44 am

K. Wilson-Whalley, Falkirk

This is a wonderful museum it was my favourite one to visit as a kid. I fondly remember being taken thier on art trips in high school to sit and draw the exibits for a day.



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