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Beaton's croft house at Bornesketaig, Isle of Skye

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Beaton's croft house at Bornesketaig, Isle of Skye

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Tom Parnell, RCAHMS staff

Beaton's Cottage in Skye is an outstanding example of a surviving (and now thriving) thatched croft house. Now category 'A' listed, it's both a remarkably humble building, yet one that is so evocative of rural Scotland. The cottage had been occupied until 1981, but then began to deteriorate until the National Trust for Scotland refurbished the tiny cottage as a holiday let in the late 1990s. This image comes from the detailed survey that RCAHMS carried out before the renovation took place. The drawings and photographs capture the building at a crucial stage in its life, poignantly demonstrating not only how little-altered it was, but also reminding us of how many similar buildings have now been lost.

31st October, 3:26 pm

kirstymccuaig, scotland

part of my family came from there



Region: Highlands

This survey drawing was prepared by RCAHMS in 1997

Votes: 12


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