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Bell Mill at Stanley Mills, Perth and Kinross

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Bell Mill at Stanley Mills, Perth and Kinross

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John Hume, RCAHMS staff

The package of invention that Sir Richard Arkwright put together to spin cotton yarn, had a transforming influence on the availability of textiles, and on the demand for cotton from the West Indies Southern United States. Arkwright sold the package, with water-driven mill, to a number of entrepreneurs in Scotland, and mills were built on major rivers at New Lanark, Deanston, Catrine, near Aberdeen, and at Stanley. Of these the Bell Mill at Stanley was the closest to Arkwright English prototype, and is the outstanding survivor of the type. Its English construction-brick on a stone base-is intriguing. Other mills were added later (now converted to housing by the Phoenix Trust), but the Bell Mill powerfully evokes an exciting period of enlighted innovation in the 1780s, before mills became 'dark and satanic'.



Region: Tayside

This inked drawing was prepared by RCAHMS c.1980

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