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Top 10 : Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian

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Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian

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Comments (11)

29th November, 2:22 pm

S. McInnes, Pencaitland near Edinburgh

A truly fantastic picture, I love the way that the twisted pillars and stonework make the place look alive. Definitely worth a visit.

24th November, 12:06 am

Mr Chris Windsor-Beck, Newark United Kingdom

At first sight a truly moving building in such a magnifcent remote setting. A true National treasure of Scotland

19th November, 11:16 am

Treasured Places Editor

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7th November, 10:01 am

SB, Edinburgh

All the treasured places chosen are annotations on the landscape of our history, and for that are all truly treasured. The Chapel is a fine example of this, the stories carved into it's stones and the stories of those who built it are facinating. Just goes to show that good things can come from religion and faith!

29th October, 11:01 pm

Jacqueline Morris, Edinburgh

My Husband I manage a small Hotel in Edinburgh & often are told by guests about the wonderful places they have been to visit. Everyone who has visited this chapel has come back absolutely thrilled by its charm & beauty.

It truly is a Treasured Place, in a Country with so many wonderful places to choose from, it is high on the shortlist of must see if you are in Edinburgh.

29th October, 10:48 pm

lotterman, United States

This place is amazing. Although I think it's pretty funny that some guy says he's a member of the templars. Everyone knows that all the templars were destroyed along time ago.

29th October, 4:01 am

Stevie, Edinburgh

So unique, so beautiful, and so intriguing. And no, I've neither read nor seen the Da Vinci Code!

28th October, 5:10 pm

Simon Hingston, Huntly

Fascinating place. Very unusual

23rd October, 11:43 pm

Geoff Owenson, Scotland

Fantastical and spooky! Even before the DaVinchi Code came out.

17th October, 11:03 pm

Mr. A. Young, Edinburgh

A wonderful place to be in, so peaceful and full of history, the chapel is well run by the management and the trust, top marks to all involved.

As a Templar my Commandery uses the chapel regularly, especially visits for other Templars worldwide coming to visit Scotland. When they see the chapel their eyes just about pop out, there is nothing to beat this historic chapel.



Region: Lothians

This lithograph was drawn by the architect John Lessels c.1862-63

Votes: 662


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