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Bernat Klein Studio

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Bernat Klein Studio

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Oliver Brookes, RCAHMS staff

Bernat Klein would place his strong coloured canvasses, facing out and brightly lit for public view, in the window of this studio to create a striking drama of building and art-work set back from the road in the wooded landscape near Selkirk. A challenging Modernist manifesto of building, painting and lifestyle startlingly set in the borders countryside. Klein could stroll the few hundred yards from his open plan, single storey house (also built by Wormersley) through a pine and birch wood and across a footbridge to his studio. Contrasting with the bucolic setting, the strong, confident and organising forms of this little studio remain one of the best examples of Modern work in Scotland.

24th January, 9:26 am

stuart anderson, Town Yetholm, scottish borders

When driving on a sunny wintry day to Glenkinnon Wood for a walk up through the forest and onto the southern upland way,I drove past this amazing structure and commented to my partner "what a house that would make" with the sun reflecting off the glass panes, the shadows of the trees and snow lying around the building it made me feel like I was in switzerland or somewhere and imagined having a huge open fire and luxurious comfy sofas. My perfect retreat!!!! Having then not known anything of it's past or present use, i searched google and here I'am.

26th October, 11:57 am

Scott McEwan, Scotland

Amazing place, I used to pass this on the road to and from home (Hawick). It's always facinated me what the place was and it was only recently that I discovered it to be an art studio. Which is all the more incredibly given it's location, on the edge of a wood in the borders!

25th October, 8:17 am

jessica, East Lothian

Boring, bland block of concrete. Where is the beauty in this? Where is the art? Depressing.



Region: Borders

This photograph of the studio of the textile designer Bernat Klein was taken by RCAHMS in 1992

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