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Top 10 : St Meddans Church, Troon, South Ayrshire

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St Meddans Church, Troon, South Ayrshire

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Comments (33)

18th December, 4:47 pm

alison dickson, dundonald by troon

for many years I was lucky enough to live in the house exactly opposite st meddans church and this lovely window. at christmas when the window is back lit it was a magical and deeply uplifting spiritual experience to be able to get the best view in troon from my bedroom window!

hopefully the current campaign to raise the money to save this work of art will be successful.

6th December, 10:58 pm

Charlotte Allan, Troon

You cannot walk past St.Meddans Church without your eyes being drawn to this magnificient window, especially at night when it is lit from inside. It is stunning.

4th December, 12:40 pm

Jena garden, scotland. troon

just one word!


26th November, 6:51 pm

Brian & Christine Wells, Chelmsford,Essex

An outstanding example of a stained-glass window.

24th November, 8:11 am

John Bigham, Troon

A wonderful piece of workmanship by long gone artisans.

19th November, 11:17 am

Treasured Places Editor

Only 3 weeks left to go until voting closes and the winner is announced. Please keep your votes and comments coming!

12th November, 4:02 pm

G. Mulveny, Troon

This window allows so much light through it that you cant help but be drawn to stain glass in it . The additional interior lighting from within at night allows a wider public to appreciate the craftsmanship.

8th November, 8:51 pm

Cheryl Canning, Fraserburgh

I was christened in St Meddans Church many years ago. What a beautiful peace of art.

8th November, 2:22 pm

Lesley McPherson, Troon Scotland

I attend the church here along with my Son and the first time I left the Church the window and the quality of the sermon brought me back. Hopefully the profile of the window will be raised and it can remain as beautiful for another 100 years and more.

3rd November, 4:57 pm

jena garden, troon

St Meddans church has been standing its ground for over 100 years , when i walk pass the church it reminds me of the good times when i was little , when i went to sunday school i kept on turning around wanting to see it. Its something that can remind us of a special time or person or in this case a special place and that is why my vote is going for St Meddans church !!!



Region: Strathclyde

This photograph of a stained glass window was taken by RCAHMS in 2004

Votes: 2553


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