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Top 10 : The Standing Stones of Stenness

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The Standing Stones of Stenness

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27th November, 4:03 pm

Matt Ritchie, Tongwynlais

The photograph also reminds us of our shared ancestry – of Scotland’s important place within wider traditions and cultures. That such awe-inspiring sites remain standing throughout Britain and Ireland (and beyond) is truly cause for celebration!

19th November, 11:17 am

Treasured Places Editor

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11th November, 8:05 pm

C. Michael Hogan, USA

This is a powerful image of prehistory as witnessed by someone a century ago. It provides a testimony of timeless appreciation of these monuments of the Orkney Mainland. When I stood near these stones I could inhale the entire ambiance of the land with its adjacent loch and sea inlet. speaking clearly of the civilisation that has gone before....and perhaps their greater understanding of the whole.

8th November, 12:42 am

Andy B, Surrey

What an a amazing archive image. There are thousands more images and maps of megalithic sites in Scotland and further afield at the Megalithic Portal, come and join in our worldwide community project.

30th October, 9:37 am

Patricia Lorenz, Singapore

I still remember the day when I stood sheltered behind the stones paying more attention to the gale force wind that blew sleet through my goretex jacket and the swans out of the sky than to my lecturer, and yet, or maybe especially for that, the sight is impressive and memorable and it pains me to think of the intensive destruction by human hands rather than natural force the ancient monument was exposed to.

28th October, 8:39 pm

Stella Archibald, California, USA

I took two well travelled American teenagers to see the stones many years ago. They were overwhelmed. I took a photograph and had it framed. It is still on my wall 30 years later.

27th October, 11:39 am

Andy Walker, Orkney, Scotland

I can see this across the loch! On the day this was taken, there were no bus tours on the go!

27th October, 8:29 am

Jean Goetinck, Tucson, Arizona, USA

The Standing Stones of Stenness, as well as other Neolithic Monuments, reveal the true soul of those who went before us. These Stones are the expression of a psychology and of aspirations which we, unfortunately, can no longer comprehend.

I hope to visit Orkney this coming year.

The Stones are calling!

1st October, 10:18 am

Irene Dahl, Hamilton, Scotland

The standing stones are magnificant,and awsome.

Been to Orkney 3 times this year and saw all the sites Skara Brae ,The Broch ,The Ring of Brodgar,and the Italian Chapel, it is also a beautiful place to visit....

28th September, 10:14 am

lorraine boyle, glasgow

This picture is not only about culture and hertigage but encapsulates spiritual, emotional and psychological beliefs.



Region: Orkney

This photograph was taken by James Ritchie c.1901-17
Professor James Ritchie Collection

Votes: 727


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