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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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25th September, 8:25 pm

Kate Byrne, Edinburgh

I'd like to add Drynoch, on Skye, as one of my Treasured Places. It's where my great grandmother, Patience MacLeod, lived. There's really very little there: the OS first edition map shows a settlement that has now largely disappeared, and when we visited with my mother a good many years ago we found a pretty desolate spot. Patience was known as Black Granny, I think because of her habits of dress and forbidding expression (at least in the only photograph I've seen) and not, as I'd fondly imagined when small, because of her skin colour. My mother had a collection of uncles with romantic-sounding names like Torquil, Donald and Roderick, and we always felt a bit misty about Skye. But I know so little about any of them, and now it's too late to ask.

25th September, 8:05 am

Janice Kirkpatrick, South Ayrshire

Tongland Dam and The Galloway Hydros - 1920s and '30s architecture and engineering in glorious landscape.

24th September, 6:41 pm

Donald Johns, San Rafael, California, USA


Kilmartin Glen;


Alloway--Burns Cottage, Alloway Kirkyard, Bridge over R. Doon;

Sheep Heid Inn, Duddingston;

Dunkeld Cathedral;

Bruar Falls;

Machrie Moor;

24th September, 6:00 pm

Sally Scott, Edinburgh

Glen Coe and it's stunning views of Buachaille Etive Mor. A beautiful spot at any time of the year.

24th September, 4:14 pm

Mike Berry, Aberlady

Bird Sanctuary at Aberlady Bay - in early Autumn when the geese are flying

24th September, 3:17 pm

Alex Forbes, Strathaven

My Treasured Place is the 'Hatrack' or St Vincent Chambers, 142a-144 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, built 1898-99. The architect was James Salmon, an unsung hero of Glasgow's Art Nouveau style.

24th September, 2:11 pm

Gill Cloke, Edinburgh

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney.

If talking of stone circles, this is surely one of the best, and such a fantastic location, between the two spits of land, with sea all round...

24th September, 12:18 pm

Lindsay Simmonds, Edinburgh

Rua Reigh Lighthouse in Wester Ross

Amaaaaazing road out there - a real adventure and a lovely old-fashioned experience with wild scenery - properly secluded

24th September, 10:24 am

Daniel Parker, Scotland

You have to put on St. Bean's Kirk (Fowlis Wester Parish Church)... founded by a sunbathing Earl - it has a leper's squint, a strip of Bean tartan that has gone to the moon and back, plus a very fine pictish cow with a bell round its neck - what more can I say?

23rd September, 12:44 pm

Fred bSimon, Canada

Hill House

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

22nd September, 1:26 am

Ken and Helen McNair, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

We can't believe you don't have The Hill House in Helensburgh on your list already! This the largest and finest of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's domestic buildings and is close to perfection. We make a pilgrimage there as often as we can, although it's a long way for us...

21st September, 8:24 pm

David Forbes, Medicine Hat, Canada

Doune Castle, Perthshire

This beautiful 14th century structure is among the best preserved medieval castles in Scotland. For anyone who has visited Doune Castle, it is no wonder that it served as a royal retreat. It is one place Mary Queen of Scots enjoyed for it's peaceful setting. I've writtten this verse for Treasured Places to convey my thoughts and cherished memories of Doune.

Marie she stands alone on Doune’s old castle wall

and looks upon the beauty spread below.

Her mind, this day, released from troubled toil,

Her gaze upon Teith’s peaceful flow.

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