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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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21st September, 5:53 pm

Pauline Scott, Edinburgh

Mull of Galloway. A beautiful spot with a bird reserve, a lighthouse, spectacular views to the Isle of Man, Ireland, England and even Wales, the chance of spotting dolphins and sharks from the clifftop and a superb modern cafe/restaurant. Great for blowing away cobwebs too.

21st September, 2:46 pm

Lucy Casot, Edinburgh

Oldshoremore, Sutherland. My grandfather's home, my favourite beach, so many happy memories.

21st September, 12:54 pm

Allyson, Scotland

1. Loudoun Hill, Ayrshire:

A historic and geological site and a great place to roll your easter eggs. Guaranteed to crack.

2. Kilmartin Glen

21st September, 12:49 pm

John Bell, Kilbirnie

Radio City, Kilbirnie. The spectacular 1930s Art Deco Radio Cinema whose facade has been faithfully restored in the development of the Radio City Healthy Living centre. The building with its Radio Tower and neon lightening is an impressive aight at the town centre.

21st September, 11:59 am

D Hartas, Redcar North Yorkshire England.

Can there be a more beautiful and serene view than the one overlooking EIlean Donan Castle from Loch Long...Sheer Joy.

21st September, 10:40 am

Christina Donald, Dundee

The Howff Burying Ground, Dundee

Granted to the burgh in 1564 by Queen Mary, the former site of the Greyfriars' house and gardens became the main burying ground for Dundee for more than 300 years.

The earliest stone still existing in the Howff dates to 1579, with four other stones from the sixteenth century remainng in various states of preservation.

Members of the Nine Trades used the Howff as their meeting place and many of them are buried here with emblems of their trades decorating their stones.

The Howff is a snapshot of the city's history - it is the final resting place for Seventeenth Century merchants, Eighteenth Century sea captains and Nineteenth Century mill workers and cholera victims.

It is also a bit of green space in an urban centre, and a wonderful place for contemplation or for eating one's lunch on a rare warm summer's day.

21st September, 10:32 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Renfrew Lift Bridge

Well Built. Very Unusual. Well worth seeing

21st September, 10:30 am

John McLintock, Edinburgh

Robert Adam's General Register House (1774) in Edinburgh. This innovative building was the first purpose-built public record repository in the British Isles. As such, it respresents a major achievement of the Scottish Enlightenment. It was also the first public building in th New Town. The Register House was one of the rare occasions on which Adam could demonstrate his ideas on the grandeur of public buildings. Te fact that it is still fulfilling its original functions today is testimony to the vision of the architect and of Lord Frederick Campbell.

21st September, 10:29 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Tain Town Hall

Has to be worth looking at. The whole feeling of central Tain is different from other towns as globalisation has still to hit. Probably goes for many more remote towns

21st September, 10:24 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Tantallon Castle

Just has to be the most impressive ruin. Adding the height of the cliffs to the height of the structure - standing on the battlements is fantastic.

21st September, 10:22 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

St Abbs Lifboat House

Just looks great. Good function which it performs well.

21st September, 10:17 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Dalwhinnie Distillery

A great landmark on a fairly boring bit of road. (Sorry to those who like that bit of the A9). One of the best looking distilleries in Scotland

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