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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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Suggestions (160)

21st September, 10:14 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Cellardyke Harbour. Just so "Fife". I love it

21st September, 10:13 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Linlithgow Palace

Very conveniently placed for those living in the Central Belt, a great day out, and a great deal of history. Brilliant surroundings. Still much of it is accessable which I love. Can still climb up to roof level

21st September, 10:12 am

tracey knight, dundee, scotland

The Rock Gardens, Esplanade, Broughty Ferry Dundee

I adore this place as it has turned into a remembrance garden and i am lucky to have a bench in remembrance of my father. The gardens are lovingly tended to by local people and it is a pleasure to go and sit there especially in the summer and enjoy the views across fife and the peace and tranquility.

21st September, 10:07 am

James Deans, Livingston, Scotland

Footdee Fishing Village, Aberdeen

I love the atmosphere and sense of cosyness. Such a marked difference to the openness of the sea, where the men that lived here worked.

The village was very functional as well as beautiful

21st September, 9:23 am

Charles McGregor, Scotland





Eilean Donnan


Dunfermline Abbey


Carloway Broch

Wallace statue Aberdeen

Marischal College Aberdeen

Greenock Sherriff Court

Mariner's Home Greenock

Scone Palace

Fettes College Edinburgh

21st September, 9:17 am

Clare McIntyre, Edinburgh

National Museums Scotland, Chambers Street in Edinburgh and The Scottish Storytelling Centre also in Edinburgh

Both of these combine old buildings with really individual, modern architecture.

Also Blackness Castle as it looks like a boat, jutting into the Forth

21st September, 7:57 am

Ross Flett, Orkney

St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall. A manificent building owned by the people of Orkney with spectcular images both inside and out.

20th September, 4:51 pm

James Forrester, Perth, Scotland

The Royal Museum of Edinburgh on Chambers Street - such a beautiful space for all ages and tastes.

20th September, 2:10 pm

Emma Davies, Edinburgh

Dalquharran Castle, Dailly, South Ayrshire

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

20th September, 1:59 pm

ELAINE FITZSIMMONS, Edinburgh, Scotland

Loch Leven Castle, Kinross-shire

20th September, 12:57 pm

graham, longside

The Globe Inn Dumfries

20th September, 11:51 am

Patrick Hadfield, Edinburgh

Stone circles in Kilmartin Glen

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