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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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Suggestions (160)

20th September, 11:33 am

Penny, Edinburgh

Fyvie Castle and Fyvie Lake Boat House (where I used to escape to as a stroppy teenager)

20th September, 10:05 am

Emma, Glasgow

1 - Grant Park, Forres - Absolutely stunning.

2 - Findhorn beach - the view is inspiring, and the sea air very restful.

3 - Ramshorn Church, Glasgow - A quiet place to think.

4 - The Crown Creighton, Dennistoun.

20th September, 9:03 am

Graham Hay, Auckland, New Zealand

John Knox's House,

High Street,


20th September, 8:57 am

peter beaton, the hague

1) Standing Stones at Callanish, Lewis

2) Culloden Railway Viaduct, Culloden

3) Clava Cairns, Culloden

4) MacKenzies' CVroft House, The Mollan, Ardelve

5) The Lighthouse, North Ronaldsay

6) Hume Castle, Hume

7) Scottish Museum, Chambers Street, Edinburgh.

20th September, 8:46 am

Julph Miers, London, UK

Glasgow School of Art

20th September, 7:05 am

Ann, The Cotswolds/Gloucestershire

Paisley Abbey, such a beautiful place located in the 'heart' of Scotland! The Abbey is magnificent,what a treasure!! The history,stained glass windows, breath taking..lovely tea/gift shop,words cannot describe its treasued beauty!

20th September, 12:45 am

iain scobbie, london/glasgow

What about Old College in Edinburgh--a beautiful Adam building, although scarred by a car park in the quadrangle, although for that matter Glasgow University's main buildings are distinctive as well, and to make up an academic trio, what about Duncanstone and Jordan Art School in Dundee which is an under-rated Brutalist statement. Also, would it not be appropriate to include the Roman fortlet at Bo'ness, where the fosse is still visible, with the ruined kirk and Kinneil House nearby showing a range of historic architectural artefacts in close range? Given their socio-historic importance, it would be good to see at least one Carnegie library on the list as well. Buildings are not simply buildings: their social significance should also be a factor.

19th September, 11:01 pm

David Cameron, Doha / Qatar

Glasgow School of Art. A word apart in a concrete jungle!

19th September, 8:32 pm

Alex Christensen, Copenhagen

Yes Yes Yes, The Radisson SAS , in Glasgow. Europe's best designed hotel in the home of the deep fried mars bar. What a surprise. I love it:-)

19th September, 4:14 pm

Robert Pollock, Polmont Scotland

The Botanic Gardens Glasgow, it was one of the first places I took my children as I have such happy memories of visiting it and kibble palace from my childhood. I cannot believe the council is considering approving an application for a nighclub in the gardens. The botanics and the wider Byres Road area should be protected from any more pubs opening. Pubs in Glasgow don't add anything to the community, quite the opposite and are typically short term business ventures which fold after 2 or 3 years. Ashton Lane for example has lost it's family feel. Byres Road would be a close second as my treasured place.

19th September, 3:32 pm

Euan Leitch, Edinburgh

Cruachan Dam and Generating Hall. A construction on an Imperial Roman scale, simply designed and set in stunning scenery on a hollow mountain. It was exciting to visit as a child and just as fun when I visited last year. It's also a monument to one of Scotland's last grand infrastucture projects, will we see their like again?

19th September, 2:45 pm

Helen Ruddy, Clearwater Florida USA

I love the Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow. I left Glasgow in 1973 and married an American guy and returned for the first time last fall to see my family, my mother is 93. Anyway, we stayed at the Radisson Hotel on Argyle Street and it was wonderful and architecturally really impressive. I don't usually like the modern stuff but this was excellent and in glasgow.

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