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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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19th September, 2:15 pm

Meg Wilson, Glasgow

The Tomb Of The Eagles, Isbister, Orkney.

It's located on a headland, perched on top of 100 foot high cliffs overlooking an infinite sea.

It's easy to see why Neolithic settlers chose this place to build one of the most fascinating chambered cairns in Britain. It's one of the wildest places in the world and one of the closest to nature.

The tomb was discovered in 1958 by a local farmer. Just like Howard Carter, he saw 'wonderful things' when he lit up the chamber with his cigarette lighter. Inside were the remains of 340 of his 5000 year-old ancestors.

Entry to the tomb is through a knee-high tunnel accessed by lying flat on a wheeled trolley and pulling along a rope - to enter the realm of the dead.

I've been to Egypt and the Valley of the Kings, but nothing compares to this because it brings my human ancestors home to me, right here in Scotland.

A truly magical place.

19th September, 10:54 am

Mrs Josephine Brown, Loughborough

Culzean Castle - I lived in Ayrshire for 39 years and visited Culzean at least 10 times a year. The grounds are fabulous coupled with the coastal walks. The castle is spectacular and continues to attract tens of thousand visitors per year. Definately my No 1.

19th September, 9:31 am

Esther Black, Edinburgh

The Royal Museum building, part of the National Museum of Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh.

A beautiful, ornate building with a fascinating social history, the Royal Museum is treasured by Edinburgh residents young and old. The international collections cover nature to art, culture to science, including much-loved favourites such as the Millennium Clock. It's always buzzing with life and is a great place for entertaining kids, meandering round the galleries discovering the wealth of objects on display, or simply sitting back and watching the world go by.

19th September, 7:51 am

Andrew Sheppard, Clarkston, Glasgow

Stirling Castle.

It was one of the first places we visited when we moved here from the South of England nearly 30 years ago. Back then I was amazed by the number of cannons along its battlements and that the layout of the castle twisted and turned revealing a new place to explore around every corner. Now in my thirties, I appreciate more the geography of the area and the stunning views from the castle. I like to park at the bottom of the hill on which the castle sits and walk up past the other historical buildings before I reach the top. I also enjoy visiting the Argyll and Sutherland Highlander's museum ituated within the castle walls. I love it, simple as that. I would love to have my ashes scattered there.

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