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My Treasured Place

Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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Suggestions (160)

7th December, 4:17 pm

Lorna Paterson, Stirling

St. Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow

My husband had the privilege of being minister of this , the most beautiful, historic parish church in Scotland for 26 years. It is of cathedral like proportions and contains some notable stained glass, particularly the modern stained glass artist, Crear Macartney's finest work installed in 1992 to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the church's consecration..

7th December, 12:23 am

Iain, Glasgow, Scotland

My choice has to be the Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building... a stunning piece of architecture that will never date. It is the only art school building worthy of the subject taught within... an inspirational building for us students!

5th December, 3:55 pm


Mackintosh Building

2nd December, 10:37 pm

Julie Ann Sinclir, Falkrik

Bellrock Lighthouse

1st December, 10:54 pm

Andy, Orkney Islands

Sanday Orkney

21st November, 3:19 pm

Iain Alexander Munro Ricketts-Moncur, Ancaster, Ontario Canada

My Treasured place is Fyrish Monument, on Fyrish hill in Evanton, Rosshire. Commissioned in 1792 by the Sir Hector Munro (presumably an ancestor on my mother's side) the monument is a place of pilgrimage whenever we visit Scotland and the area from which my family originates. The climb to the top of hill offers fantastic views and once on top one can be transported back in time to when Sir Hector provided the local population employment during the highland clearances.

18th November, 6:55 pm

Flavio Meirelles, Caraguatatuba - Brazil

Bell Rock Lighthouse

14th November, 2:45 pm

kimberley hill and zoe nicholson, south walls, orkney

my house because it used to be a doctors surgery and now a doctor lives in it. by kim

cantic head and cantic head lighthouse because my grandad used to take me there when i was little. by zoe.

14th November, 2:36 pm

Sean Budge And Donald Macissac, Hoy, Orkney

The Isle of Tiree at lyness and at houton the ephream

14th November, 2:00 pm

ryan dempsey, dundee

the dundee swimming pool is realy fun and i like it

9th November, 7:41 am

Adele Carlyle, dunfermline fife

the beautiful fishing village of Pittenweem,and especially the West shore.

8th November, 1:03 am

Ann Mc Lean, Grangemouth

The Falkirk Wheel

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