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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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5th November, 7:40 pm

Rachel Gill, Newcastle upon Tyne

Forced to pick just one site in Orkney, it has to be the Ring of Brodgar. It just has something about it that the more developed sites lack. Memories of summer evenings, when the coach tours have gone home - evening light, and the swans on the loch. A little bit of Heaven on Earth.

Other places I can't bear to leave out:

Dun I (Iona) - the views over the Abbey, across to Mull and out to sea and the further islands. Another place that only those privileged to remain when the last ferry has gone really get to appreciate.

Castle Campbell and Dollar Glen.

And I can't believe no-one else has mentioned the Royal Mile and Victoria Street in Edinburgh. Together with the view from the Braid Hills, these sum up 'home' for me.

I could go on for hours - thanks to everyone else whose comments and suggestions bring back so many happy memories.

31st October, 12:54 pm

Alasdair mathers, Penicuk Midlothian

The Isle of Iona Argyllshire , because of the beauty and tranquility of the island and its views of the Hebrides , the intimacy of the Abbey and the wildness of the south and west of the Island

27th October, 4:37 pm

Cathie Russell, Wishaw Lanarkshire

I think Kilmartin Glen and Museum

are two of Scotlands best kept secrets.

27th October, 3:47 pm

K MacDonald, Lothians

The beach at Uig on the Isle of Lewis - stunning.

25th October, 3:30 pm

Alex Imrie, Paisley Renfrewshire

Paisley Abbey. 12th cent but original goes back to the 1100s. Connected with the Royal House of Stewart, through Walter Fitzalan first High Steward of Scotland. Burial place of Marjory Bruce daughter of The Bruce and husband of the first High Steward. One Stewart monarch is buried here, that is Robert III, six High Stewards their wives and one Abbot. There is also a possibility from the carvings within that there could be connections with either the Knights Templar or Hospitallers and perhaps both. The Knight who recoverd Bruces heart from the battle field in Spain is also buried here he was Alan de Cathcart. The monks at the time were of the Cluniac Order. The Abbey was one of three main centres of pilgrimage and was dedicated to St. Mirin who is the Patron Saint of Paisley. James IV was also here and received absolution from Abbot Shaw for whatever part he might have played in the death of his father.

Yours faithfully

Alex Imrie

25th October, 2:20 pm

Treasured Places Editor

Thank you all for your 'My Place' suggestions. Voting from the 100 has now been suspended and will be resumed on Saturday 27th October when the top ten images with the most votes will be revealed. You can continue to tell us your own treasured places through this section however, it's great hearing your suggestions.

25th October, 11:32 am

Gordon Murray, Scotland

My favourite place sits under the Blackhill Transmitter Station above Kirk o’Shotts.

Here high above the Clyde valley you look down its splendid length to Aran and Ben Lomond. Turning east and walking 100metres to the crest of the hill and you can see Edinburgh Castle, thus encompassing most of what we consider urban Scotland. Yet almost soaring above it –Wim Wenders, Wings of Desire comes to mind. I find it a truly uplifting place.

On a warm summers evening with the lights of the clyde valley conurbation twinkling below it reminds me of the view of Los Angeles from Mullholland Drive… courtesy of David Lynch of course. Yet for most of the year it is bleak, desolate, lonely. Suited to the songs of Leonard Cohen. Most of the hill farmers who scraped a living here have long since bailed out. But the atmosphere and topography encourage changing light and cloud cover, often below you, which ensure it is unique and never boring.

25th October, 11:24 am

Frances Lynn, Argyll

St Blanes on the Isle of Bute

A feeling of tranquillity and timelessness pervades

24th October, 9:18 pm

Alison, Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser, Sauchen, Aberdeenshire.

It is special in so many ways, but most of all, it still has a warm family atmosphere after being an NTS property for over 30 years.

24th October, 2:55 pm

Michael Hill, Glasgow City

Glasgow Necropolis - I think this a wonderful and inspiring place

24th October, 2:24 pm

Kim carroll, Glasgow

The fields in the summer between Provanhall and Gartcosh. The fields are purple during the summer months and there is a lovely view of Gartloch Castle and Bishop Loch.

24th October, 1:37 pm

Elsie Brodie, Bathgate Scotland

Falkirk Wheel

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