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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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24th October, 1:37 pm

Katherine M Brown, Edinburgh

Arduaine Gardens near Oban

Beautiful gardens in a extremely peaceful setting ringed by inspiring views out to sea and various West Coast islands. You just feel the cares of the world slip away as you walk round.... good for the soul!

24th October, 1:19 pm

Douglas McCorkell, London

The Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh.

This beautiful labyrinth of Scottish treasures is a 90's extension to the original Royal Museum. Afternoons slip away exploring exhibitions juxtaposed with historic views, crossing voids on bridges and climbing to the breath taking roof garden.

24th October, 1:02 pm

Jonathan Brown, Dundee

Baxter Park and Baxter Park Pavillion.

23rd October, 11:24 pm

Eleanor Barron, Glasgow, Scotland

Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute

This has to be one of the most breathtaking houses in Scotland, a truly magical place.

23rd October, 8:31 pm

angela murphy, glasgow

The GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) n Rose Street in Glasgow.

My first lectures at Art School in 2002 were held in cinema 1, and ever since I've escaped there on many occasions. A completely unique building, with friendly staff and an otherworldly atmosphere.

23rd October, 5:37 pm

jdstephen, Kirkcaldy

Dumbarton Castle

23rd October, 4:54 pm

J Crawford, Paisley

The "Peace Garden" within Barshaw Park in Paisley.

Its colourful, quiet (except when I take my children), pretty and looks like a garden from another time - a real place to escape to.

23rd October, 4:39 pm

david may, Montrose

Glamis Castle is set in the rolling hills of Angus, approximately 20km from the North Sea, in an area of considerable ancient history. Whilst the village is home to a curious old stone, said to be a monument to King Malcolm II, and some attractive eighteenth-century cottages, its most notable attribute is the grandeur of Glamis Castle.

The modern visitor approaching the Highland Castle for the first time cannot but draw breath in admiration as he journeys down the mile-long avenue rich in colour, flanked in spring by swathes of yellow and cream daffodils, or the colours in the rows of autumn trees.

Spires, turrets, towers and statues will seize your attention initially, but there is so much more to explore in this legendary Castle. With its strong links with history, royalty and fiction, Glamis Castle is one of Scotland’s most impressive visitor attractions.

23rd October, 3:48 pm

Ian Stoddart, Brockworth, Glos.

Paisley Abbey

A building which has been continuously active at the heart of its community for longer than almost any other in Scotland.

23rd October, 3:33 pm

Heather Connie Martin, France

Calanais Stones. Perhaps the most intriguing and haunting of standing stone sites in Europe.

23rd October, 2:01 pm

Aileen Marshall, South Lanarkshire

Culzean Castle, Ayrshire

23rd October, 1:29 pm

Andy Smithson, England

The bech at Arisaig on the West Coast

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