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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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23rd October, 10:01 am

Maxine Akhurst, Edinburgh, Scotland

Glenkiln Valley, Shawhead, Dumfries and Galloway.

The dramatic backdrop of the tranquil valley, amid moorland hills and pastures, is the regal setting for 'The King and Queen' sculpture. The graceful and elegant figures are truly monarchs of all they survey in an unspoilt rural corner of the Galloway Hills. Sited at a vantage point along the valley side they make a commanding contribution to the surrounding vista but are clearly 'at home' and an integral part of the landscape.

22nd October, 11:06 pm

Kathleen Murray, Leith

St Anthony's Chapel (ruin) overlooking St Margaret's Loch in Holyrood Park.

I see it nearly every day going to and coming home from work.

It reminds me of my childhood, climbing the hill to get up there to play and looking down on the rowing boats you could hire.

22nd October, 6:37 pm

Jim R. Walker, San Jose, California, USA

Seacliff House, near Auldhame, North Berwick, East Lothian.

This grand old dame of a house, once owned by the famous Smith-Sligo family, is intriguing in it's design, historical mystery, and ageless beauty.

Across from Bass Rock and just down the road from Tantallon Castle, this storied mansion has an architectual uniqueness unrivaled in Scotland. It stands with a commanding view of the ocean and Bass Rock. The old manse has secret tunnels, a mysterious burning, disappearing tennants / owners, an unsolved murder mystery, caves inhabited in antiquity, and so much more. St Baldred is thought to have lived within a stone's throw of the mansion in the ancient ruins nearby.

I have numerous photographs, and contact with the Sligo descendants of the original owners that I would be more than happy to assist you with.

Kind Regards,

Jim R. Walker


19th October, 10:28 am

stefano turato, alloa

Inchmahome Priory, Lake of Menteith - a beautiful ruin nestled into an island sheltered by a ring of ancient trees in the middle of scotland's only lake, accessible by 12-seater small boat. an oasis of calm.

Sauchie Tower would be worthy of some investment - it would complete the Clackmannanshire Tower Trail which consists of 4 other medieval towers.

17th October, 11:12 pm

Mr. A. Young, Edinburgh

The old ruined church at Temple village midlothian, this is the jewel in the crown as far as Knights Templars are conserned. It was the HQ. of the Templars in Scotland and the only surviving property.

It is such a tranquil place to visit and very peaceful, My Commandery visits here on a regular basis.

17th October, 11:20 am

Crawford MacCalman, Glasgow

Falkirk Wheel

The Wheel is a stunning example of modern engineering which not only functions as a boat lift but also offers a unique spectacle. The facilities on site allow visitors to enjoy the experience in comfort and encourage return trips

15th October, 8:23 pm

Steven Orr, Edinburgh

Balnuaran of Clava.

This is, for me, one of the most magical prehistoric sites in Britain. The complexity of the monuments and the way they articulate with the wider landscape contrasts with the strangely human scale of the site. I love that it's hidden away, tucked in its wood off a 'B-road' just waiting to be discovered.

15th October, 12:18 pm

W. Maley, Ayr

Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green

13th October, 10:02 pm

Dee, Fife

Glenfinnan Monument

13th October, 9:15 pm

Sandra McCallum, Troon

The Cathedral of the Isles, Cumbrae

A beautiful place of worship, that is too little known

12th October, 10:43 am

D Smith, Paisley

Queen's View, Perthshire

11th October, 2:35 pm

gary Kerr, paisley

The view from on top of Paisley Abbey - seeing all around the town and all the stunning buildings.

There are many and a stunning townscape and surrounding area really is a sight to behold.

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