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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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11th October, 2:28 pm

Les Fernie, Paisley

The Russell Institute 1927 made architectural history having the first skeleton fabric of reinforced concrete in the West of Scotland.

Mr. Archibald Dawson, sculptor designed the group of figures in bronze and other materials. The main doorway is surmounted by a large maternal figure in bronze with her brood flanked by two shields one the Paisley Coat of Arms, the other the symbol of Asclepius, God of Medicine with a serpent twisted round a staff. Both are in copper with heraldic enamel in brilliant color. Above the large window is the massive bronze figure of a protective angel guarding the young generation in its arms with the motto A DEO SALUS "Health comes from God this wording carved in the stone work. Around the building at lower level are smaller figures in bronze each indicating a particular aspect of the work carried out in the building, e.g. Dentistry, Eye ailments The Russell Institute is still in full use and almost every Buddie today has been through its caring hands.

11th October, 1:13 pm

Cole Henley, Muirhouses, Falkirk

Calanais, Lewis.

A wonderfully eerie place in magnificent surrounds, a far cry from the manicured archaeology of Orkney.

It is hard to stand amongst these stones - older than the Pyramids of Giza I add - without being captivated by their presence and the sense of history they embody.

I cannot imagine a more Treasured Place in Scotland.

11th October, 12:03 pm

Jevan Jutagir, Christ Church, Barbados

Brig o' Balgownie, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

A surreal unchanged oasis tucked away on the Don, close to King's College yet little visited.

11th October, 11:49 am

Piero Pieraccini, Paisley

My favourite place is really the whole of the town of Paisley. Our town has many and varied fine buildings of architectural merit and all in the one place which can rival anywhere else in Scotland.

10th October, 4:37 pm

Stuart Allison, scotland

Scottish mining museum

10th October, 12:58 pm

Treasured Places Editor

Thank you for sharing your treasured places with us, please keep them coming!

A few of the suggestions are already in our 100 list, if you would like to vote for them please go to the 'Gallery' and place a vote. The top ten images with the most votes will be announced on Saturday 27 October. The top ten will feature in the RCAHMS centenary exhibition at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh in 2008. The top ten will then compete for votes, with the winning image revealed on Tuesday 11 December 2007.

10th October, 12:49 pm

Emma Halliday, Glasgow, Scotland

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross

An atmospheric ruin and an amazing example of GKC post-war architecture. Deserves much needed care and attention.

9th October, 1:49 pm

Caralin, Glasgow

National Wallace Monument

9th October, 12:42 am

pat marsden, Merseyside

Hill House, Helensburgh

The Glasgow School of Art

The House for the Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Pollock

8th October, 3:57 pm

Huw Williams, Glasgow


So stunning.

So important.

And lovely home-made soup and cakes in the tea-room!

8th October, 12:46 pm

Derrick McClure, Aberdeen

Burns Monument gardens, Alloway. At the side of the Doon, below the brig that Tam galloped over to escape from the witches - one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland.

7th October, 9:03 pm

Val, Edinburgh

Cramond, Edinburgh

Because of the great variety of secrets it has revealed - with the promise of more to come - about the people who have lived here since 8,500 BC, such as the Middle Stone Age nomads, the Romans who established a fort here and left behind a statue of a lioness, the medieval people who built a tower house, the 17th-century villagers, the gentry who created grand landscapes, the 18th-century workers in the riverside iron mills, the soldiers of two World Wars defending the Forth from Cramond Island.

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