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My Treasured Place

Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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Suggestions (160)

6th October, 10:17 am

Frank, Paisley

Coats Memorial Church, Paisley. A magnificent example of Gothic style architecture which has dominated the Paisley skyline for over a hundred years.

5th October, 2:18 pm

Paul Strong, Adelaide, Australia

Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeen, Grampian

5th October, 9:15 am

Alice Sutherland, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Crown Tower, King's College, Old Aberdeen.

I left Aberdeen as a young child and the Tower was a very special memory of the beauty of Old Aberdeen. I returned home many years later and now walk past it every day on my way to work. It is and always has been a Treasured Place for me.

4th October, 11:50 pm

Steve, Scotland

The one and only place in the world for calmness, stunning scenery and a welcoming people.

It has to be Fair Isle!

4th October, 5:23 pm

George Wilkinson, Uplawmoor,East Renfrewshire

The view from the top of the Kinnoul Hill outside Perth.

Looking down from the top of the crags the city of Perth on the left from which the River Tay flows on its way to Dundee and the sea through the agricultural Carse of Gowrie.Across the river the rolling countryside of Fifeshire backdrops the panorama.

Turn round 180 degrees and in the distance you see the beginning of the foothills of the Highlands.

A childhood memory that remains to this day of the magnificent view following a pleasant walk to the top of Kinnoull Hill.One to which I cannot return to often enough.

4th October, 3:16 pm

Annie Robertson, Edinburgh

The old kirk at St Monans. Strong and serene.

4th October, 2:37 pm

Professor S.R. Reid, Poynton, Cheshire

Crown Tower over King's CollegeChapel, King's College, Aberdeen

4th October, 2:32 pm

Paul Haley, Aberdeen

Dunnottar Castle

4th October, 11:18 am

Mr Sheffield, Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral- captivating medieval architecture.

2nd October, 11:55 pm

David Masters, Scotland

The Mills at New Lanark. Something that was on my door step and always meant something special to me when I was growing up. Also a very significant set of buildings in terms of industrial history etc.

2nd October, 4:49 pm

Nancy Roy, Renfrew/Scotland

Dunblane Cathedral

A place of historical importance,beauty,stillness and for ever linked to massacre of the innocents in i996

2nd October, 10:43 am

M. Stupart, Scotland

Fingal's Cave, Isle of Staffa

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