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Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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1st October, 3:52 pm

Warren McIntyre, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Galleries

A magical place which is full of treasures from around the world. I feel very lucky that this wonderfull building and collection is in Glasgow.

1st October, 3:22 pm

Mr Derry Byrne, Cambridge

Liathach, N.W.Highlands - a most shapely and beautiful mountain in a gloriously spectacular environment. Also a very rewarding climb!

1st October, 2:33 pm

Irene Dahl, Hamilton,Scotland

Ring of Brodgar, Stenness standing stones, Skara Brae. The Broch and the Italian chapel.

The Churchill Barriers at Scapa Flow.

I have been there 3 times to Orkney this year ,it is a beautiful place ... well recommened!

1st October, 2:12 pm

Irene Dahl, Hamilton,Scotland

Mausoleum Hamilton South Lanarkshire

1st October, 10:27 am

Irene Dahl, Hamilton,Scotland

Chatelerault Hunting Lodge.Hamilton South Lanarkshire.

30th September, 6:54 pm

Annette Carruthers, Edinburgh

Melsetter House on the island of Hoy in Orkney is an example of Arts and Crafts architecture at its very best. Designed by William Richard Lethaby for clients sensitive to the history and magic of the Orkney islands, it was built at least partly with the intention of providing work for local people in the skilled trades. It was constructed of local materials and decorated with symbols full of meaning, which give every visit a new sense of discovery and pleasure at the beauty of the architecture in its setting.

30th September, 6:20 pm

Alan Saville, Edinburgh

Torness Power Station, East Lothian. Whatever one's view on nuclear power, this is a magnificently successful assemblage of industrial buildings which has an architectural purity of rectangular form ideally adapted to location. Whether seen from the road, the railway or the sea this complex always has a striking and uplifting presence, whatever the weather or time of day -- though the evening sun can bestow a particular magic. An outstanding achievement and probably Scotland's best building from the 1980s?

30th September, 2:26 pm

Mary Carson, Gairloch, Ross-shire

The waters off the west coast of Harris which are the most amazing shades of turquoise, jade and all tints of blues and greens. Everyone should see this before they die!

30th September, 2:23 pm

Donald Carson, Gairloch, Ross-shire

Lamlash Bay (Arran) as seen from the Brodick Road. I have special memories of this when arriving there on holiday each year as a child.

29th September, 9:32 am

jane graham, glasgow

the back shore, Findhorn, Moray - the most beautiful beach on God's earth, winter and summer, high and low tides. It washes your soul with each wave.

28th September, 5:41 pm

Beatrice Symington, Edinburgh


There you can get the most beautiful view over Edinburgh, the Pentlands, the Bridges and even North Berwick.

28th September, 5:31 pm

Catriona Bertolini, Falkirk

House of Dun

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