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My Treasured Place

Below are your suggestions and comments for Treasured Place in Scotland which do not appear among the 100 images which participated in our online vote.

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28th September, 3:13 pm

Charlie Keane, Scotland

Glasgow Necropolis.

This Victorian Valhalla situated at the 2nd highest point in Glasgow adjacent Glasgow Cathedral is the final resting place of may great Victorians who helped make Glasgow the 2nd City of the Empire! Some of the best known names in Architecure have also left their mark, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, William Leiper, David & James Hamilton, Bertram McKennel, Arthur ' Greek' Thompson to name a few.

28th September, 2:22 pm

Sarah McNulty, Glasgow/Scotland

My treasured place? The Duke of Wellington statue on Queen Street, in Glasgow, outside the Gallery of Modern Art. It reminds me of the beauty, art and architecture of our fine city. It reminds me of the history of our fine country. It reminds me of our large student population - our next generation, who maintain the city's vibrant atmosphere - and come from our wonderfully historic universities that have produced some of the worlds greatest minds of our time. Every time someone sticks a traffic cone on top! But most of all, that traffic cone reminds me of the wonderful humour of every Scot that has ever been, and that alone is what makes this country great.

28th September, 1:45 pm

Lindsay Robertson, Edinburgh

The Odeon Cinema, South Clerk Street Edinburgh

A beautiful example of art deco, fond memories of looking up at the stars on the ceiling in the main auditorium! Sadly now closed, what a waste!

28th September, 1:34 pm

Brian McLeavy, Glasgow/Scotland

Bothwell Castle

This imposing medieval castle over looking the River Clyde still looks as impressive today as it must have did in bygone days. The castle itself is dominated by an impressive circular donjon and although the castle itself found itself under seige on numerouse occasions throughout it's history, this vast sructure has remained almost entirely intact.

28th September, 11:03 am

John Hamilton, Glasgow

Kelvingtrove Art Gallary and Museum

28th September, 10:26 am

Susan Taylor, Glasgow

For atmosphere and drama, both

Dunottar Castle, Stonehaven and

Whaligoe Steps, Caithness

28th September, 9:53 am

Paul W, Scotland

St Peter's Seminary, Cardross. Derelict, brutal and deeply beautiful. Gillespie, Kidd & Coia's finest moment.

27th September, 10:23 am

Ray Thomson, Central Scotland

1: Hill House, Helensburgh.

Yet another of McIntosh's perfect environments.

2. South Harris.

The whole island.

If you haven't been to either

- shame on you.Do it now.

26th September, 8:19 pm

Rebecca Hay, Lanark

Lanark Grammar School

It is the oldest secondary school in Britain, I have just started there but it is getting turned into flats and a new school is getting built.

26th September, 5:09 pm

Clare Anderson, London UK

the view from the top of Luinne Bheinn out to The Isle of Skye over barisdale bay

26th September, 2:08 pm

Marina Dossena, Italy

Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)

25th September, 9:23 pm

robert thomson, glengarnock

Radio City Kilbirnie

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