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Star jumps in a field

"Our Antonine Wall"

This workshop provided young people from Falkirk Young Archaeologists Club and Kersiebank Youth Group to explore the history of the Antonine Wall and experience it in its modern context in order to create their own photographic interpretations. The workshop was designed to facilitate the generic learning outcomes (GLOs) identified by the Museums Libraries Archives 'Inspiring Learning for All' (ILFA) framework and to connect with the Curriculum for Excellence, aimed at enabling all young people to become 'successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors'.


  • Kathleen Little, Photographer and Workshop Leader
  • Geoff Bailey, Falkirk Council Archaeologist
  • RCAHMS Treasured Places Team

The workshop provided the children with a more detailed insight into the scale of the wall and the different aspects still visible today.

- - Linda, Young Archaeologist Leader