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Fife Workshop

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Cairneyhill Scouts with their bridge designs

"Bridge Building"

This workshop allowed Scouts from Fife to work alongside RCAHMS staff and civil engineers in exploring the design, construction and history of some of their area's most iconic bridges.

The workshop was designed to facilitate the generic learning outcomes (GLOs) identified by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's 'Inspiring Learning for All' (ILFA) framework.

"The scouts demonstrated an increased pride and interest in local places. The workshop opened up to them a whole new understanding of what is all around them."

- Chris, Scout Leader


  • Calum Price, workshop leader
  • Phil Wilkins, Civil Engineer and member of ICE Graduates & Students Committee
  • Gordon Masterton, RCAHMS Commissioner and Managing Director, Environment of Babtie Group Ltd
  • Jane Gilchrist, Treasured Places Education Officer
  • Chris Johnson, Scout Leader
  • Fiona King, Scout Leader

"It was fun and I want to come back."

- David, age 10