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Highland Workshop

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creating a stop frame animation

"Renewable Energy"

This workshop provided members of the local community from in and around Cromarty with the opportunity to use a selection of RCAHMS collection material that documented the locally relevant subject of Renewable Energy as a stimulus to create stop frame animations.

The workshop was designed to facilitate the generic learning outcomes (GLOs) identified by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's 'Inspiring Learning for All' (ILFA) framework.

"As a result of the workshop I realised that there is an extensive, very accessible resource between the Commission collection, the Internet database of the collection and approachable, helpful staff"

- Ingrid, workshop participant


  • Jane McInally, Video Artist and workshop leader
  • Siobhan McConnachie, Treasured Places Project Manager
  • Jane Gilchrist, Treasured Places Education Officer

"The most fun I’ve had since we went to Alton Towers"

- Bob, workshop participant