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Orkney Workshop

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3 participants painting Orkney Maritime Heritage

"Maritime Heritage"

The workshop provided people of all ages, from primary school children to adults, from throughout the Orkney Isles with the opportunity to explore and consider the various aspects of Orkney’s maritime heritage.

The workshop was designed to facilitate the generic learning outcomes (GLOs) identified by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's 'Inspiring Learning for All' (ILFA) framework.

"Orkney is a magical place with so much heritage that acts as an inspiration to delve deeper into its history and folklore through archive material and creative expression. This workshop stimulated the need to know more!"

- Jorgen, workshop participant


  • Sarah McLean, Artist and workshop leader
  • Jane Gilchrist, Treasured Places education officer
  • RCAHMS Education Officers
  • Carol Dunbar, Education Officer, Pier Arts Centre

"There is always more to be learned when looking into the past"

-Gloria, workshop participant